Michael Mack on 'ciprian honey cathedral' by Raymond Meeks

In this new series Michael Mack uncovers rare books from the archive to talk about those elements of design, concept and production that he found most exciting to work on.

Here, in the first video, he describes the dazzling poeticism of Raymond Meeks' ciprian honey cathedral, first published in 2020 and celebrated immediately as a classic for its quiet poetic approach to home, intimacy and the legibility of our material surroundings.

About ciprian honey cathedral
A quiet book that sent far-reaching ripples, Raymond Meeks’ ciprian honey cathedral interleaves fragile domestic scenes with portraits of Meeks’ partner Adrianna Ault in the moments between sleep and wakefulness. A poetic study of intimacy, fixity, and the ultimate mystery of other people.

Selected as Best Book of the Year by Clément Chéroux, Chief Curator of Photography at MoMA 

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