Monogamous Mind, Polyamorous Terror

Brigitte Vasallo

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‘Monogamy is not dismantled by fucking more or by falling in love simultaneously with more people, but by constructing relationships in a different way, relationships that allow us to fuck more and fall in love simultaneously with more people, but without anyone getting broken along the way.’

Monogamy has played a central role in modernity, shaping our concepts of love, relationships, and family. In Monogamous Mind, Polyamorous Terror, Spanish writer Brigitte Vasallo explores how mechanisms of love are deeply rooted in societal and individual norms, rather than being freely chosen.

Originally published in Spanish and now a global bestseller, this groundbreaking text reveals how the notions of state, nation, and identity—founded on codes of exclusivity, possession, and hierarchy—are intertwined with monogamy. Drawing on extensive historical research through the lens of social and affective organization, Vasallo challenges one of the most entrenched pillars of Western society. She unveils the potential for a radical transformation in our relationships — whether erotic, familial, or communal — pointing towards a new, inclusive approach for a different world. 

10.5 x 16.5 cm, 256 pages

ISBN 978-1-915743-59-6
September 2024
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