MACK LIVE: REGENERATION: (Soma)tic Rituals workshop with CAConrad

Watch back CAConrad's inspiring workshop exploring how cultivating our imaginations with a daily creative practice can enlighten and improve our lives. CAConrad uses their (Soma)tic Poetry Rituals as a guide to help us see the creative viability in everything around us. This workshop was held to celebrate the release of CAConrad's new collaborative book with Adam Broomberg and Gersande Spelsberg, Glitter in My Wounds.

CAConrad has created writing rituals using the night sky to design homemade star constellations, another ritual to dream with crows, and many others from talking with trees, ghosts, translating Shakespeare's sonnets with crystals, and coping with the destroyed wilderness of our planet.

Thursday 3 February
18:00 GMT, London
13:00 EST, New York

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About Glitter in My Wounds

The result of a series of chance encounters, Glitter in My Wounds is shaped around a series of portraits of the transgender activist and actress Gersande Spelsberg made by the artist Adam Broomberg, accompanied and interspersed with a poem by CAConrad. Dissolving rigid identities and confronting convention, this volume offers a prismatic reflection on identity and encounter formed in the meeting of three uncompromising artists.

Find out more and order copies here.

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