Past Events

Thursday 14 April

Join us for a discussion of risk, creation, and unexpected encounters in celebration of Miranda July’s groundbreaking new book project, Services. July joins her collaborator Jay Benedicto for a conversation with writer and critic Jennifer Higgie about the project’s genesis from a telemarketing phone call in the first months of Covid lockdown through to its stunning final form. Dialing in from Los Angeles, Manila, and Canberra, they discuss July and Benedicto's surprising collaboration for the first time.

Thursday 24 February

Join Jess T. Dugan and curator and writer Charlotte Cotton as they disucss Dugan's new book Look at me like you love me. They explore Dugan's unique process of slow collaboration with their sitters, and the absorbing and complex portraits this produces, as well as the meditations on life, love, and loss that percolate through the book.