Past Events

Thursday 28 October

Theorist Tina Campt and artist and writer Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa explore their shared interest in photography, visuality, and race, examining how they interact and the ways artists generate spectatorial experiences of racial difference in contemporary practice, marking the release of Wolukau-Wanambwa's new essay collection Dark Mirrors.

Thursday 7 October

From his studio in Köln, Jeffrey Ladd takes us on a detailed tour of his wide-ranging, indiosyncratic, and constantly surprising book collection, discussing the inventive use of images in punk posters, eccentric advertising materials, photobooks, and beyond.

Monday 21 – Wednesday 23 March 

To celebrate the launch of Stephen Shore’s experimental new memoir Modern Instances: The Craft of Photography, we are joined by Stephen Shore and George Miles to discuss, among other things, the making of this dazzling new book, how to master one’s craft, Shakespeare, baseball, and what it means to really pay attention.