I walk toward the sun which is always going down

Alan Huck



In Alan Huck’s image-text book, ​I walk toward the sun which is always going down, an unnamed narrator wanders a city in the American Southwest, where their observations and encounters become catalysts for rumination on a wide range of subjects. Shifting between photographs of the city’s peripheries and an interior monologue written in first-person, fragmentary prose, this hybrid essay draws on the ambulatory works of writers such as W.G. Sebald and Annie Dillard, both of whom are incorporated into the network of literary and cultural references interwoven throughout the book’s text. Part metafiction about the working process of a photographer and part cross-disciplinary exploration of one’s relationship to a particular place, the author utilizes the essential indeterminacy of both photography and written language to craft an exercise in attention that moves seamlessly between the two mediums.

OTA-bound paperback with flaps
17 x 20cm, 144 pages

ISBN 978-1-912339-46-4
September 2019

"A new benchmark achievement of what the combination of images and text can achieve" – Jörg Colberg, Conscientious Magazine

"In the book the narrator mentions an obvious facet of moviemaking: erasure. The artist sees a similar strategy in his own pursuits: rearranging time and space, and splicing together disparate pieces of physical geography to create a fictional environment, two of the fundamentals of photography." – GUP Magazine 

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