Alec Soth at Sean Kelly Gallery, New York

To celebrate the opening of 'A Pound of Pictures', accompanying the book of the same name, join Alec Soth at Sean Kelly Gallery, New York, to explore this marvellous new collection of peripatetic work reflecting on the photographic desire to pin down and crystallize experience.

Thursday 13 January 2022
18:00–20:00 EST

Sean Kelly Gallery
475 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10018

'Alec Soth: A Pound of Pictures'
14 January – 26 February 2022
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About A Pound of Pictures

A Pound of Pictures is a stream-of-consciousness celebration of the photographic medium, bringing together an entirely new collection of work by Alec Soth made between 2018­ and 2021. Depicting an array of subjects — from Buddhist statues and birdwatchers to sun-seekers and busts of Abe Lincoln — Soth takes us on a winding, ruminative road trip, reflecting on the photographic desire to pin down and crystallise experience, especially as it is represented and recollected by printed images. This book includes an afterword and extended notes by Soth, as well as five randomised vernacular photographs inserted loosely in its pages.

Find out more here.

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