Guido Guidi at Large Glass Gallery, London

Join us to mark the launch of Guido Guidi's new book Di sguincio, 1969–81, coinciding with Guidi’s exhibition at Large Glass Gallery, London. Guidi will be joining by video link from Ronta to discuss this new book of small-format photographs from between 1969 and 1981, in the context of his consistent and life-long engagement with bookmaking. 

Thursday 23 February
18:30 GMT

Large Glass
392 Caledonian Rd
London N1 1DN

Free to attend


About Di sguincio, 1969–81

Di sguincio – meaning aslant, asquint, or seen from the corner of an eye – brings together more than a hundred black-and-white photographs made by Guido Guidi with small-format cameras between 1969 and 1981. These images record experimental early dialogues between Guidi and his camera: made without looking through the viewfinder and lit with a bright flash, they capture people, gestures, minor events, and fragments of space in moments of sudden and even abrasive encounter. Evoking the joys of invention and collaboration early in an artistic career, these works equally reflect the social and political turmoil of Italy in an era of crisis and contestation of social values, and reveal the foundations of a lifelong engagement with the possibilities of the photographic medium. 

Find out more and order copies here.

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