Ep.7 Collier Schorr and Angel Zinovieff read 'Notes on Tricks'
In Ep. 7 of 'Thought Pieces', Collier Schorr and Angel Zinovieff give an intimate reading of 'Notes on Tricks', exploring the roles we inhabit as the photographer and the photographed, and drawing on themes of closeness, sexuality, and the rescued relics of our childhoods.
Thought Pieces Ep. 4: Lynne Tillman reads from 'Book of Roy'
In Ep. 4, writer Lynne Tillman uncovers the hidden histories of childhood, the relentless passing of time, and a very particular vision of the misspent American youth of a boy named Roy.
Thought Pieces Ep.3: Paul Graham reads 'Past Caring'

In Ep.3 of ’Thought Pieces’, Paul Graham...

Thought Pieces Ep. 2: RaMell Ross reads 'Renew the Encounter'

In Ep.2 of 'Thought Pieces' filmmaker, writer and photographer...