Ep.7 Collier Schorr and Angel Zinovieff read 'Notes on Tricks'

In Ep. 7 of 'Thought Pieces', Collier Schorr and Angel Zinovieff give an intimate reading of 'Notes on Tricks', exploring the roles we inhabit as the photographer and the photographed, and drawing on themes of closeness, sexuality, and the rescued relics of our childhoods.

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About Paul's Book by Collier Schorr

Collier Schorr met Paul Hameline, a young French artist and model, in New York in 2015, when they began to meet to make a project that lasted two years in which Collier would visit Paul at his parents’ house and take pictures and talk. The idea was for Paul and Collier to experience photography as a social space, a conversation in which his body and her eyes could try and understand each other’s fascinations and fantasies. Paul’s Book expands that magazine story to form a larger piece about the way in which a photographer and model can search for some greater revelations with the simplest movements and various states of undress.

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