MACK LIVE: Carla Liesching in conversation with Pablo Lerma & Kelsey Sucena

Carla Liesching joins artist and educator Pablo Lerma and writer and photographer Kelsey Sucena for a discussion of her new book, Good Hope. They explore the book's visual and textual strategies, from the sourcing and sequencing of found materials to its branching extensions in sculpture and installation, as well as the issues of racial justice and decolonial activism raised by its interrogation of colonialism past and present.

Thursday 3 March
18:00 GMT London
13:00 EST New York
20:00 SAST Cape Town

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About Good Hope

In Good Hope, Carla Liesching constructs a fragmented visual and textual assemblage that centres around Cape Town in South Africa, Liesching’s place of birth, which was an historic location at the height of empire and is now an epicentre for anti-colonial resistance movements. Bringing together documentary and autobiographic prose with found photographic material drawn from tourist pamphlets, apartheid-era journals, newspapers, and family albums, Liesching reflects on the past and present of empire and resistance, questioning the politics involved in the very acts of looking, discovering, collecting, naming, and putting to language.

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