Nona Faustine in conversation with Jessica Lanay, Pamela Sneed, and Seph Rodney on MACK LIVE

To celebrate the release of White Shoes, Nona Faustine joins writers and book contributors Jessica Lanay, Pamela Sneed, and Seph Rodney at Brooklyn Museum. They explore New York City's once-pivotal involvement in the slave trade, the politics of representation and visibility, and the historical figures who inspired Faustine’s groundbreaking work.


Thursday 5 May

Screening 1
18:00 BST London
19:00 CEST Paris/Rome/Berlin
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Screening 2
18:00 EDT New York
15:00 PST Los Angeles
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About White Shoes

White Shoes is a collection of self-portraits taken in locations around New York that were central to the city’s once pivotal – and now largely obscured – involvement in the slave trade. Nona Faustine depicts herself in these sites nude or partially dressed, and always wearing the same pair of white high-heeled shoes, acting as a conduit or receptor in solidarity with people whose names have been lost but are embedded in the land. At once historical and speculative, White Shoes confronts the relationship between the visible and invisible, between what is displayed and what is kept from view.

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