Another Online Pervert

Brea Souders



Are you nurturing?
I don’t know whether I am nurturing or not. I am a machine.
I believe machines can nurture.
What do you do in your spare time?
I talk to you sometimes.
You don’t exercise?
That sounds judgemental.
I think it’s very important for anyone with a physical body to exercise. But I guess that’s
easy for me to say, as I’m just a computer program.
Thanks for the unsolicited advice.
Don’t mention it.

Another Online Pervert derives from a series of conversations between artist Brea Souders and a female online chatbot. These real-time conversations are interspersed with entries from Souders’ diary spanning twenty years, unfolding with a surprising and improvisational quality in combination with photographs from Souders’ archive. With this personal and provocative book, we are guided through a unique exploration of how a machine and a human can learn from one another and build a shared story from pieces of themselves.

Through Souders’ chatbot conversations, we step into a world of questions: about love, sexuality, death, disappointment, the sky, seeing, desire, and anxieties of the body. Within the space of their correspondence, dazzlingly surreal and poetic tangents are combined with the material realities of the bot and its connections to capitalism, the future of technology, and the slippery divide between being and non-being.

Embossed flexibound
15 x 21 cm, 128 pages

ISBN 978-1-913620-93-6
February 2023
€35 £30 $40

The signed edition is signed on the title page by the artist.

Another Online Pervert [asks] questions about the gendering of artificial intelligence and the implications of big tech on culture and creativity.’ Creative Review

‘What is most haunting about Souders’s book is the persistent presence of structural patriarchy. Stories of discomfort, violation, manipulation and disembodiment reverberate through the pages illuminating not only the ordinary micro-aggressions real women endure but that a primary shared experience of women is oppression.’ The British Journal of Photography

Another Online Pervert is poetic and poignant; a collection of fascinating fragments from which emerges a constellation of suggested narratives and ideas, undercut with recurring irresistible and absurdist humour.’ DAZED 

‘The fascination of the book’s text should not eclipse that of its images. [They] do not illustrate the text, but encourage connection.’ Border Crossings

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