Benrido Collotype Portfolio


This portfolio is the result of a collaboration between MACK and the Benrido atelier, Kyoto. Launched at colette in Paris, to coincide with Paris Photo 2016. The portfolio contains 10 photographic collotype prints, of which each one is by one of the following contemporary photographers: Thomas Demand, Roe Ethridge, Guido Guidi, Takashi Homma, Mayumi Hosokura, Ron Jude, Joanna Piotrowska, Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine, Alec Soth and Carly Steinbrunn. Realised by the Benrido atelier in Kyoto, each collotype print is produced on a range of Japanese Washi papers. Each print is signed and numbered, and presented in a different coloured card portfolio. The entire collection is housed in and embossed in a hardback slipcase displaying all the artists names.


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