Individual Benrido print


For the first time, we are offering for sale the individual prints within the Benrido Collotype Portfolio, giving you the chance to own a rare Benrido print from your chosen artist. This is a limited edition of 10 copies per print (+10 APs).

This portfolio is the result of a collaboration between MACK and the Benrido atelier, Kyoto. The portfolio contains 10 photographic collotype prints, each of which is by one of the following contemporary photographers:

  • Thomas Demand 
  • Roe Ethridge
  • Guido Guidi
  • Takashi Homma
  • Mayumi Hosokura
  • Ron Jude
  • Joanna Piotrowska
  • Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine
  • Alec Soth
  • Carly Steinbrunn

Created by the Benrido atelier in Kyoto, each collotype print is produced on a range of Japanese Washi papers. Each print is signed and numbered, and presented in a different coloured card portfolio. The entire collection is housed in an embossed hardback slipcase displaying all the artists' names.

Print size: 29 x 36cm

View the full Benrido Collotype Portfolio here.