MACK LIVE: Barbara Bloom and Ben Lerner: 'The Son'

To celebrate the release of Gold Custody, Ben Lerner reads his hypnotic prose poem 'The Son' in dialogue with images by Barbara Bloom, which echo and answer its themes of songs, dreams, naming, and our personal prehistories.

Thursday 4 November
18:00 GMT, London
14:00 EDT, New York

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About Gold Custody

What happens to an image or a phrase when it is reencountered, recontextualized, recombined — when a particular frame of reference is established or collapses? This collaborative book pursues these questions through artworks by Barbara Bloom and prose poems by Ben Lerner (10:04, The Topeka School), which veer between the promises of abstraction and languages of extreme privacy, as well as false fathers, lice, stone fruit, Casper Rappaport, color words, alephs, forever stamps, and Goethe’s corridor.

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