Ron Jude at MACK + Bildband, Berlin

With his exhibition '12 Hz' opening at Robert Morat Galerie, Ron Jude joins us at MACK + Bildband, Berlin, to discuss his revelatory project depicting the implacable forces of the natural world.

Thursday 4 November
19:00 CEST

Free to attend.

About 12 Hz

12 Hz  consists of images of lava tubes and flows, tidal currents, glacial ice and welded tuff formations: pictures describing the raw materials of the planet, those that make organic life possible.  Jude’s photographs don’t attempt to tell us how to live or what we’ve done wrong, nor do they reduce the landscape to something sentimental, tame and possessable. Rather, they endeavour to describe and reckon with forces in our physical world that operate independently of anthropocentric experience.

Find out more and order copies here.

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